At Kelly Hart, we take pride in offering innovative solutions to complex legal problems that often require venturing into uncharted territory. As a leading force in developing Texas law, our Appellate attorneys have appeared in all Texas Appellate courts, frequently presenting arguments before the Texas Supreme Court, and have successfully presented appeals to federal circuit courts of appeal, with regular appearances before the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit.

We are more than just advocates. We believe attorneys should also act as trusted counselors to our clients. We therefore provide upfront and realistic appraisals of our clients’ chances on appeal.

Our attorneys have experience with trial practices, which gives them practical knowledge of the courtroom that is often not shared by other appellate attorneys. Although our focus is on appeals, we also appear in trial courts both before and after judgment. Our areas of practice include:

  • Pretrial Motions and Strategy: We frequently prepare and present motions for summary judgment and pleas to the jurisdiction, which can expedite the resolution of litigation in certain instances. In addition, we act as appellate counsel during the pendency of the trial court matter to assist in preservation of error and strategy.
  • Writs of Mandamus and Prohibition: These specialized appellate proceedings challenge unfavorable rulings, and we are often called upon to bring or defend such actions.
  • Jury Charge Preparation: We frequently prepare the questions and instructions presented to the jury and also have experience in objecting to the court’s charge.
  • Interlocutory and Permissive Appeals: We handle both interlocutory and permissive appeals during the pendency of the trial court matter, assisting in resolution of early disputes.
  • Post-trial Motions and Direct Appeals: We review the trial court record after a verdict has been reached and prepare post-verdict motions that make the best use of the jury’s answers and legal authority. We then analyze and research legal issues for the preparation of appellate briefs.